About Us
First, the corporate mission
Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create benefits for shareholders and create wealth for the community
Second, corporate vision
Create the nation's first wireless brand, so proud of national enterprises
Committed to becoming the most innovative audio company, making "RADIGS" a national and even world-renowned wireless microphone brand
 Third, the core values ​​of enterprises
Hand in hand, a total win-win world; Wind and rain, step by step; integrity, service satisfactory.
Hand in hand, win-win world
With like-minded partners tacit understanding counterparts, create benefits, sharing of benefits and mutual benefits.
 Rainy day, step by step to win
Difficulties with the total, through the clutter, in order to win every market opportunity, steadfast, step by step, the accumulation of every small success, a big leap in achievements.
Externally: Investors are an important force in promoting the healthy and rapid development of the Company. They share the same difficulties with investors on the same fronts, respect and protect the rights and interests of investors, enhance the profitability and standard of the Company, and enable investors to obtain sustainable and competitive returns ;
Domestic: the survival and development of enterprises can not be separated from the down-to-earth staff, hard work, the success of every step of the enterprise, there is the credit card credit for each and every employee, go hand in hand, not only with customers, but also with employees Peer, Lika people-oriented, together with the staff to advance and retreat, the development of enterprises is also a personal ability to enhance the life value of the process.
Integrity, service wishful
Integrity management is the cornerstone of the long-term development of enterprises, to provide customers with efficient and quality service is the direction of our work and the value of the rules and regulations, customer satisfaction is our unlimited motivation.
Fourth, the spirit of enterprise
Pragmatic, cooperative, understanding, work, innovation
Pragmatic: truth-seeking, diligent and pragmatic, down to life, seriously work.
Cooperation: Pay attention to teamwork and strive toward common goals, and create win-win situations and common development for customers, partners, employees and shareholders.
Understanding: uphold the common values, mutual understanding, work closely with each other to support and help maximize the team's strength.
Efforts: the courage to forge ahead, work hard, never give up, never give up.
Innovation: Pay Attention to Technological Innovation, Promote Production Innovation, Promote Management Innovation and Respect Management Innovation.