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Audio technology commonly used English vocabulary

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Audio technology commonly used English vocabulary
         AAC automatic ampltiude control
    AAD active acoustic device
    AAD analogue tape recorder used during session recording and subsequent mixing and / or editing; digital tape recorder used during mastering (transecription) Analog recording, analogue processing
    AB AB stereo recording method
    ABC auto base and chord Automatic bass chord
    Abeyance suspended, the potential
    A-B repeat A-B Repeat
    ABS absolute absolute, complete, absolute time
    American Bureau of Standards
    ABSS auto blank secrion scanning Automatic tape blank scanning
    Abstime Absolute running time
    Automatic tape demagnetization circuit
    Abort stop, stop (record or play)
    A-B TEST AB more audition
    Absorber shock absorber
    Absorption Sound is absorbed by the object
    ABX acoustic bass extension bass extension
    AC accumulator rechargeable battery
    AC adjustment caliration adjustment - calibration
    AC alternating current AC
    AC audio coding Digital audio, audio coding
    AC audio center audio center
    AC azinuth comprator azimuth comparator
    AC-3 Dolby Digital Surround Sound System
    AC-3 RF Dolby Digital Surround Sound Data Stream (Interface)
    ACC Acceleration acceleration
    Accel grows faster
    Accent accent, tone
    Accentuator pre-emphasis circuit
    Access Access, access, increase, access
    Accessory Accessories (Interfaces), Accessories
    Acryl Propionyl
    Accompaniment Accompaniment, Ensemble, Accompaniment accompaniment
    Accord harmony, harmony
    Accordion Accordion
    ACD autonatic call distributor Automatic call distributor
    ACE audio control erasing
    A- Channel A (left) channel
    ACIA asynchronous communication interface adapter
    CAN active commix network active hybrid network
    Acoumeter audiometer Acoustical Acoustic, acoustic
    Acoustic coloring Acoustic coloring
    Acoustic image sound image
    Across cross, parallel, jumper
    Across frequency, crossover frequency
    ACST access time Access time
    Active Active, active, effective, operational
    Active crossover active frequency, electronic frequency, active frequency
    Active loudspeaker active speakers
    Active page activity page
    Activity (coil) duty cycle, action
    Actual level active level
    High-definition television system compatible with normal television
    ACU automatic calling unit
    Adagio Adagio (calmly)
    ABAP Adapter adapter, external power supply
    A / D audio to digital analog / digital
    ADC audio digital conversion analog to digital conversion
    ADD alogue tape recorder used during session recording; digital tape recorder used during subsequent mixing ang / or editing ang during mastering (transcription) analog recording, digital processing
    ADD address
    Adder mixer