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Audio product testing questions

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A short answer
What is the current product range of our company?
X series of Taiwan several models? LIVE SOUND series? AL series? RE series? TM series? SC series? All listed and indicate the model.
M104DE console function? MC16.2 features? What is the difference between P1047DE and M104DE?
VHF and UHF wireless microphone difference? List our current VHF and UHF product details and specific product configuration?
What are the classification system? What products need to be configured for a 30-seat conferencing system? To RC-702 series to illustrate. (make a list)
      6 RCS-873 conference system and RCS-862 conference system difference? That system can connect video tracking conference system?
      7 RC-702 series conferencing system product itself can be connected to how many units? How many units can I connect after expansion? How many chair units can be connected to the system?
Two brief questions (in simple language to describe the following product features)
      1 UR-2180
      2 OR-810
      3 MR-3800
Three application questions:
A place of entertainment, an area of ​​about 300 square meters, the function is multi-function hall, required to meet the entertainment, KARKOKE, meeting PA applications, excuse me, such places need to configure what basic products to meet functional requirements?
Four international conferences will be held in Foshan. Delegates from five different languages ​​will be invited to attend the auditorium. There will be 180 delegates attending the auditorium. There are 35 delegates attending the discussion. Please list the equipment needed.