About Us
In 2000 the establishment of Zhixin audio equipment factory
2001-2003 ODM OEM for Europe and the United States to provide OEM VHF, wired microphone, PCBA;
2004 Taiwan set up technology research and development department
2005-2006 Development UHF (frequency 500MHZ), selling and the United States market
Developed in 2007 UHF (frequency 600-800MHZ) selling with the European market
2008 Development UHF PLL phase-locked loop technology (frequency 500-950MHZ) optional channel
Phase-locked loop technology in 2009 in order to enhance its ease of use, the development of the infrared frequency function.
In 2010 to develop true diversity technology, technical support from Europe and the United States guests, perfect perfect.
2011 Hong Kong Zhixin Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. was established (the main marketing RADIGS brand international market)
                         At present, 12 countries in Europe have established agency cooperation.
2012 launched with a modern style RC series of branded products
Launched in 2013 with a stylish atmosphere of the W series branded products
2014 Development of musical instruments (market needs) Introduced musical instruments, rocking microphone series.
2015 Chinese market officially set sail.